Purple guitars, engraved lyrics and Hendrix-inspired sculptures. This is the 2.5 acre park dedicated to Jimi Hendrix

After three years in the works, a Seattle park dedicated to the iconic guitar god Jimi Hendrix has finally opened. 

Sony Music donated a $300,000 sculpture, while Jimi’s sister Janie provided the bulk of the funding for the park.

Only a short distance to Hendrix’s childhood home, the 2.5 acre park features purple guitars, Hendrix-inspired sculptures, purple walkways and engraved lyrics.

Intended to be opened in 2012, the $2.2 million park is intentionally positioned near the Northwest African Museum as a way of welcoming people from different ethnic backgrounds and cultures.

Hendrix was a cultural figure of the 60s, known for being one of the greatest electric guitarists of all time. Formerly calling the streets his home and becoming an advocate for peace and love, what better way to commemorate the influential musician than with a whole park dedicated to him?

Parks and Greens Spaces Opportunity Fund also jumped on board, with Neighbourhood Matching Fund Award following closely behind. The park was intended to be opened on Hendrix’s 70th birthday before a whirlwind of delays surrounding the development, permits and cost issues brought the project to an abrupt halt.

The park attracted 200 visitors during its opening and serves as a memorial for the influential rock god, who represented a time where musicians of different backgrounds felt a much harsher discrimination than they do today. 

Via Digital Music News