Stream a near complete, 873-song playlist cataloguing John Coltrane’s discography

Jazz pioneer and saxophone virtuoso John Coltrane’s influence runs deep into modern music, be it soul, the blues, hip hop, or experimental electronic.

His formidable 1965 album A Love Supreme is deemed by many to be the greatest jazz release of all time, and to this date musicians all over the world remain dumbfounded by his understanding, aptitude and foresight when it came to music.

Courtesy of Fernando Ortiz (Spotify user ferurbina), you can now dive into a near-complete collection of Coltrane’s discography yourself.

john coltrane career playlist

Want to take on the mammoth catalogue of John Coltrane? Well get comfortable, because this 873 song Spotify playlist is calling your name.

Speaking to Open Culture, Ortiz admits that the list is incomplete, due to Spotify’s shortcomings rather than his own wrongdoing.

“…no studio recording he made between 1955 and 1965 is missing (his previous years are well represented, starting with his 1946 recordings while in the Navy), which includes all his studio work as a leader during those years, as well as all his recordings as a sideman with Miles and Monk.”

The playlist currently stands at 873 songs, a good four to five days of listening. Think you’re up for the challenge? Dive right in below, sailor.

Via Open Culture.