A catastrophic fire warning has been issued for parts of NSW

A catastrophic fire warning has been issued for parts of NSW

Bushfires continue to burn across NSW and QLD in the lead up to tomorrow’s predicted extreme conditions. A state of emergency has now been declared for NSW and most of QLD.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian made the announcement for NSW earlier today, giving powers to Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons and prohibiting fires across NSW.

A Catastrophic fire warning has been issued and a state of emergency declared for NSW and most of QLD, ahead of tomorrow’s extreme conditions.

Elsewhere, the NSW Rural Fire Service has issued a Catastrophic warning for Greater Sydney, Greater Hunter, and Illawarra/Shoalhaven due to worsening conditions. Catastrophic is the highest possible rating and this is the first time it has been issued since the rating system was first implemented ten years ago.

As it stands, there are currently 64 fires burning in NSW, with 40 of those uncontained. Three people have died and more than 200 homes have been destroyed.

Thankfully, five people who were reported missing have been located. More than 350 schools and TAFE campuses will be closed tomorrow across NSW.

NSW Rural Fire Service advises that if a fire takes hold during Catastrophic fire danger conditions, “lives and homes will be at risk,” with houses not designed to withstand such conditions. They recommend that everyone avoid bushfire-prone areas like bushland, remaining close to large towns, cities, shopping centres, or Neighbourhood Safer Places instead.

For more information, head over to the NSW Rural Fire Service website.

Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the fires.