A Japanese professor is facing prison time after teaching students to make ecstasy

Looking for your dream degree? A university professor in Japan has been teaching students how to manufacture ecstasy.

Tatsunori Iwamura claims he taught students how to make ecstasy because he wanted to help his pupils with their “education.”

Photo by: Sharon McCutcheon

The 61-year-old could face ten years in prison for showing his class how to make MDMA despite the fact he knew it was illegal.

It is alleged that Tatsunori instructed students in his pharmaceutical science class to make ecstasy, as well as the designer drug 5F-QUPIC, back in 2013. Drug enforcement authorities believe that 11 students produced ecstasy under the guidance of Tatsunori. Four of whom have also been referred to prosecutors along with an assistant professor.

The professor had been conducting research on “dangerous drugs” like MDMA which contain chemical agents that cause hallucinations or generate a stimulant effect.

While it is not illegal to teach narcotic manufacturing in an academic environment, the professor’s licence had expired, meaning he now faces severe penalties for his actions. It is unclear what happened to the MDMA manufactured in his class, or whether the students were involved in consuming or distributing it.

While Tatsunori has been disgraced in Japan, maybe he helped show students the range of harsh chemicals that can go into drugs like ecstasy.