New music and touring with heroes: a much-needed catch up with Flyying Colours

Ever since they first unveiled their shimmering shoegaze sound, we’ve been obsessed with Flyying Colours. Their debut album Mindfullness, released in 2016, went on to cement the group as some of Australia’s finest sonic craftsmen.

Since then they’ve shared stages with giants such as The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Black Angels, and as they tell us, spent time recording their second LP. Before they play the upcoming Bad Vibrations festival in Sydney and Melbourne, we caught up with band member Brodie J Brümmer for the latest.

flyying colours interview
Photo: Bianca Milani

What have Flyying Colours been up to since their 2016 album Mindfullness? Catch up before they play the massive Bad Vibrations festival.

HAPPY: Hey, how are things? What are you up to at the moment?

BRODIE: Hi. We have just finished two Aus tours with A Place To Bury Strangers and The Jesus And Mary Chain, and are now currently mixing and rehearsing our second record.

HAPPY: Your debut 2016 album Mindfullness was a huge success and developed your sound a lot. Were there any different approaches you took in terms of songwriting?

BRODIE: The songs from Mindfullness were in majority written in the same time period as our first EPs, so I think only the recording methods we undertook differed. I think as a band we held on to these songs as they would offer more context in an album format. That and the collaboration with myself and Marty Brown for the recording and mix allowed a lot of (sometimes too much) freedom to develop sounds.

HAPPY: The album has a remarkable depth to the sound. Do you ever fall victim to the overdub void, or is there no such thing as too many layers?

BRODIE: There is most definitely such a thing. However I find when you manage yourself with some little rules for recording and/or find some kind of way to discipline yourself it all works out. That said, the recording of our follow up is a different story (for a different time).

HAPPY: Are there any crucial pieces of gear you associate with your sound? Or that you couldn’t live without.

BRODIE: Fender guitars and amplifiers.

HAPPY: It’s been quite some time since that record. What’s coming up for you guys, any new releases or projects?

BRODIE: New music will be coming out very soon for us, we toured Mindfullness quite a lot and spent the remainder of the time between recording the new songs. We didn’t want to fall into the stereotyped shoegaze thing of taking forever between records – which I don’t think we have done just yet – but it has been quite a process.

HAPPY: Who (or what) are your biggest inspirations?

BRODIE: Our friends’ bands.

HAPPY: Stoked to see you on the Bad Vibrations lineup, it’s going to be a great show! Any other bands your excited to see there?

BRODIE: Actually everyone! There are many bands I have seen and loved for a while, and some new bands I am excited for. I have always been a huge Laurels fan…

HAPPY: You’ve had some pretty remarkable supports shows in your time. Do you have any fantasy supports, past or present, you would dream of doing?

BRODIE: We would all really like to play with Ride in August/September

HAPPY: Your onstage energy is pretty high octane and you’re renowned for having a powerful stage presence. Do you have any pre show rituals for hyping up or do you let the music do its thing?

BRODIE: We are all very good drinkers, but really I think we just like playing shows for people who like coming to them.

HAPPY: Thanks for the chat!

BRODIE: Thanks :)


Catch Flyying Colours live at Bad Vibrations festival in Sydney and Melbourne:

Sat 1 June – The Lansdowne, Sydney – Tickets
Sat 8 June – The Tote, Melbourne – Tickets