A rare alternate mix of Nirvana’s Marigold has surfaced online

Once upon a time, rock n’ roll’s favourite front man Dave Grohl was just the humble backbone of a little band you may have heard of called Nirvana. Fans of the band’s deep cuts will no doubt be thrilled this morning after a rare alternate mix of Marigold has appeared on the interwebs.

Marrigold alternate mix

This new mix features Kera Schaley on cello, while maintaining Grohl on lead vocals and guitar, Krist Novoselic on bass and Kurt Cobain on backing vocals providing low harmonies.

As most know Grohl had been tinkering at his own music for years, and during the sessions for Nirvana’s third and final album In Utero he laid down his track Marigold, originally one of the tracks he recorded for Pocketwatch under his Late! pseudonym. Although the song didn’t make the cut for the album it did feature as a b-side to the Heart Shaped Box single.