Here’s a sneak peak of Electric Ladyland’s massive 50th anniversary reissue

Discogs Exclusives have shared the details for an upcoming reissue of Electric Ladyland by Jimi Hendrix, to celebrate the album’s 50th anniversary this year.

First released on October 16th in 1968, it was The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s third and final album, the band’s only record produced by Jimi himself, and the home of iconic Bob Dylan cover All Along The Watchtower.

electric ladyland 50th anniversary deluxe edition

Discogs have offered up a first look at The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s upcoming Electric Ladyland reissue. For Hendrix fans, this is the real deal.

Packed into the reissue is a 48-page booklet containing rare photos, handwritten notes and lyrics from Hendrix, and a few other tidbits from friends and collaborators. It opens with a letter to Reprise Records from the artist:

“Here are the pictures we would like for you to use anywhere on the LP cover. Any drastic change from the directions would not be appropriate according to the music and the group’s present stage.”

Jimi’s cover choice (an image of his band taken by Linda McCartney) would be rejected by Reprise in favour of a controversial nude shoot. 50 years later, the Electric Ladyland anniversary edition sees his wishes fulfilled.

Also of note are the Drake Hotel demos, a series of home recordings from a period where Hendrix lived in Manhattan and wrote a large portion of the album. Gypsy Eyes, Cherokee Mist, and more are included here, and will no doubt be a treat for fans to listen through.

Check out the full preview on Discogs here.


Electric Ladyland Deluxe 50th Anniversary Edition is out November 9th via Legacy Records.