A well-balanced, nutritious diet: we asked illustrator Lucy Adelaide to reinterpret our favourite artists into their foodie familiars

The key to a modern lifestyle is moderation: plenty of exercise,  a healthy injection of hobbies and most importantly, a well-balanced diet.

Thanks to the the awesome illustrator Lucy Adelaide, we were able to apply this foodie mantra to our own musical lives. Eat up some of our favourite artists of 2016 as balanced meals for a healthy dose of punny greatness.

All illustrations by Lucy Adelaide
All illustrations by Lucy Adelaide

We hope you’re hungry because we’re serving up an assortment of musical tasties, essential ingredients for any well-balanced diet.

Bec Sandwich

A good sandwich needs variety, and Bec Sandwich has something for everyone. Eggs, tomato, sourdough and a wobbly wig of mayonnaise… just try to say no to that.

Bec Sandridge has been a mate for a while, which is why it was so hard to keep referring to her by name instead of our in-office pun. No kidding, it almost dropped about ten times during this interview.


Sampa the Grape

Fruit is a key food group, and we recommend Sampa the Grape for between-meal snacks if you’re lacking some fructose in your diet.

Sampa Tempo aka Sampa the Great has always wanted to inspire fans with her soulful, hip-hop blend. We hope to inspire massive groans, face palms and smashed computer screens with this bad boy.


Prune Rats

Like their cousin Sampa the Grape, the frazzled Prune Rats are tasty and healthy (if slightly wrinkled). Absolutely essential in any good trail mix.

If Sampa’s youthful, buoyant charm makes her a grape, then the scuzzy, smokey, doped-out sleaze of the Dune Rats hits closer to the sensibilities of a prune.

prune-rats-animated (3)

Marcus Kale

Found amongst the shelves everywhere from Woolies to your local farmers’ market, Marcus Kale is on trend. A superfood like no other, the diversity of of this leafy green plants it firmly within our preferred diets.

Just as kale may form the basis for a range of salads, stews and even chips, Marcus Whale consistently finds himself involved in a myriad of musical delicacies, from Collarbones to BV to solo work.


Courtney Baguette

Relatable, far-reaching and welcomed by all, Courtney Baguette is a favourite wherever you tread. The basis for sandwiches, rolls and everything in between, it’s use is only limited by the creativity of the dietician.

Courtney Barnett, what a success story. From humble Aussie origins she’s taken off worldwide, even becoming a fave for ex-Prez Obama.

courtney-baguette-animated (2)