Adam Kneale’s single ‘5:21’ is a burst of sonic serotonin

Melbourne producer, Adam Kneale, cracks open his infectiously electric energy with new single 5:21, intended for grooving on the dance floor.

Just what the doctor ordered. After a year of an ongoing global pandemic, there is nothing we need more than a colour-bursting dance tune, and Melbourne producer, Adam Kneale delivers just that.

Following the release of his debut album, Blavatnik Building, Kneale explodes with an 80’s funk groove riff, 5:21, making the body involuntarily sway to its electric beat.

Adam Kneale
Photograph by Madison Daffy @madisondaffyslens

The track is melting in nostalgic energy of the greats, Prince, Michael Jackson and George Michael. Oozing with a vividly electric guitar riff and the gorgeously infatuating harmonic chorus, lifting the track to heavenly heights.

“5:21 is about a feeling. On NYE 2020, I sat in my friends’ garage watching 30 people dancing to ‘Don’t Start Now’ by Dua Lipa. I decided that the next part of my music journey was to create music that gave people this same feeling, making them want to get up, dance and feel happy” Kneale explains.


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The magnetising tune was swirled with the talents of rapper, J.Rob and The Crushboys. Igniting dance floors from lightyears away, Kneale samples the chorus of Barrington Stewart’s, Die With You, adding another intricate layer to the thriving disco soundscape he has painted.

What Kneale has pulled off here is a breath of fresh funk air into retro 80’s sound we thought could only be found on vinyl.

It’s darn exciting to hear a track like 5:21 is out in the world, and know there are artists out there like Adam Kneale fighting the good fight, with a funky rhythm and catchy tune.

So lace up your boogie shoes kids and have a dance to 5:21: