After 8 years, ‘Guild Wars 2’ is finally being released on Steam - Clocked

After 8 years, ‘Guild Wars 2’ is finally being released on Steam

During their 8-year anniversary, Guild Wars 2 have announced that the game will be released on Steam, alongside news of a new expansion.

Guild Wars 2 have announced the world of Tyria is expanding once more, this time onto Steam.

During their 8th year anniversary, Guild Wars 2 have announced that this November, the popular MMORPG will be releasing the game with all its expansions onto popular PC gaming platform Steam. So far the game has been playable through a seperate launcher, but now ArenaNet have made the decision to branch out.

Guild Wars 2 Trailer Screenshot

This November, the full Guild Wars 2 bundle will be available through Valve. All players will be together, regardless of whether they sign in through Steam or the Guild Wars 2 launcher.

However, players with an existing account on the launcher will not be able to convert theirs into a Steam account. Also note that Steam players will not be able to transfer their Steam account over to a non-Steam account.

ArenaNet also took the chance to surprise fans by giving them a sneak peak into the next expansion End of Dragons. The anniversary surprise, which was met enthusiastically by the players, was announced on their Twitch stream. Set to drop in 2021, the new expansion will explore the mysterious island of Cantha.

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