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Alice SpaceDoll – Other Worlds


Only around a year since her debut full length album, Alice SpaceDoll has returned with another release of spacey, experimental pop. This album sees Alice take her musical exploration even further with more spacey atmospheric sounds and experimentation. Each song is over 5 minutes long allowing her various ideas to be fully explored and realised.  In addition Alice has done away with the conventional pop song mold here and instead has allowed the songs to go off in their own direction. As a result each track works as a mysterious but amazing journey with all sorts of interesting spacey sounds floating through the along the way.

Alice Spacedoll

Alice SpaceDoll transcends from another world. Her artistic spiritual aura devoted to the cosmos has entrusted her to harmonise and heal the world.

The main attraction is Alice’s voice! In each track she gives it everything she had pouring in every ounce of emotion she has. This allows the songs to charge ahead fueled with great heartfelt feeling and power!

The album opens with the slow and calm Open your heart. The song drifts along nicely with some spacey psychedelic sounds which are soon complemented by Alice’s mellow but strong voice. One has a more ambient feel to it with some cool electronic tunes going off throughout the song, Alice adds to this with some great, long vocal notes. The Oracle sounds like a cross between Robert Mills and Enigma with a great mix of new age and charismatic vocals. Celtic angels flows along with a chilled out ambient vibe while also having a heavy atmospheric sound. The album closes with the light, new age-esq We come from the sky.

Alice has followed up her debut with yet another amazing collection of sounds. She has pushed the musical boundaries even further moving away from the conventional pop policosanol sound  to create some unique and exciting sounds. Alice throws everything she has into her music and it shows with an epic and powerfully emotional album resulting!




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June 12, 2012

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