Amazon Music includes, then removes, condition that podcasts can’t criticise them

The rumour is that Amazon Music will soon be hosting podcasts, with one condition: podcasters can’t bag them out.

Amazon are yet to announce it, but a private email obtained by news site The Desk contained details on a new podcast feature that will be added to their music streaming service Amazon Music.

Amazon music to launch podcasting feature

Amazon Music may be about to announce a new podcasting feature, but apparently they only want podcasts who are nice to them.

This announcement is nothing new as other streaming services Spotify, Apple Music, and TIDAL all already have a podcast feature, but this wasn’t the juiciest detail.

The email exchange showed that within the terms and conditions required to upload to Amazon Music was a clause that stated content could not “include advertising or messaging that disparage or are directed against Amazon or any of its services.” In other words, if you want to be hosted on Amazon’s platform, you’re not allowed to criticise them.

Some light ribbing of the tech-giant may now be allowed, as Amazon have since dropped the non-disparagement clause from the conditions, replacing it with the condition podcasters must “comply with Amazon’s Creative Acceptance Policies,” after online backlash to the original wording of the clause.

These practices should be expected from a company who’s CEO is worth more than some countries, and who was recently interrogated by the US Senate for monopolistic practices.