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Andrew Stockdale

The name of Andrew Stockdale‘s debut, solo EP seems to sum up his attitude towards his life post-Wolfmother;  with every knock down he just keep getting up again and you guessed it… keep moving.Andrew Stockdale keep moving

Andrew Stockdale’s solo career sees a more pop sound. He hasn’t lost the edgy guitar rhythms that made Wolfmother one of the Aussie rock greats.

“This EP has very much succeeded, as it has completely whetted my appetite for the full album and will have me pulling my hair out as I anticipate its release. This is great news for Stockdale, as a 4 year absence and multiple lineup changes is usually never good news in terms of releasing quality music, but he proves here that the upcoming album is something to highly anticipate, indeed.”Condemn or Condone

Stockdale isn’t downplaying  the messy Wolfmother split and his onstage meltdown about Triple J, but he’s apologetic about some of his comments and wants to establish that this new work is his and his alone.

“It might not be the smartest choice but all I wanted to do was put out a record under my own name and self-produce it. That was just always in the back of my mind, like a dream that I had.” – Andrew Stockdale on Faster Louder

Keep Moving is a promise of things to come, it may not be a groundbreaking release this year but it puts you in the mood for more. Andrew Stockdale has taken a massive risk with Keep Moving and going solo in general but this may just be the start of his best musical journey yet.



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June 5, 2013

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