Angie McMahon honoured with the 2019 SXSW Grulke Prize

Each year SXSW showcases some of the wildest, most mind-blowing up-and-coming talent from across the globe, right in the heart of Austin, Texas.

The Grulke Prize honours three artists who are breaking new ground with their work. It is named in honour of the late creative director Brent Grulke and acts as a tribute to his love of music and the heart he gave the festival.

sxsw angie mcmahon grulke prize 2019
Photo via Facebook

This year, the raw and honest poetry of Aussie artist Angie McMahon has won her the esteemed Grulke Prize for Developing Non-U.S. Act.

This year Aussie Angie McMahon has won the Developing Non-U.S. Act Grulke prize. Having just finished her debut Aussie headline tour, McMahon is releasing her much anticipated debut album in 2019. She draws inspiration from the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Big Thief, yet brings her heart wrenching emotion and takes listeners a dynamic rollercoaster from intimate whispers to momentous roars.

Other winners of the esteemed prize were Pink Sweat$ (Developing U.S. Act) and The Chills (Career Act).

Pink Sweat$ hails from Philadelphia, only now taking the spotlight after developing a successful career working as a songwriter with major artists.

The Chills formed in 1980 in New Zealand and experienced huge local success. Now regrouped , the band are celebrating the launch of their new whimsical cosmic rock album in being honoured with the Career Act prize. This prize is awarded to an established band reinventing themselves in a creative way.

Congratulations to Angie for creating such an impression on the music critics and industry professionals on the judging panel with her genuine and poetic stories of love, life, and pasta.