Announcing the 2022 Needle In The Hay Finalists!

After falling in love with way too many bands, Happy Mag is proud to unveil the 30 Needle In The Hay Finalists for 2022!

Needle In The Hay is an annual competition created to give artists a shot in the arm when they need it most.

With a grand prize of having your single pressed to vinyl, and for the first time ever, four one-on-one mentorship programs up for grabs with some of Australia and New Zealand’s most esteemed songwriters and producers, not to mention over $30,000 runner-up prizes to be won, it’s currently Australia’s largest independent music competition.

After sifting through thousands of entries, today Happy Mag reveals the 30 Needle In The Hay finalists, who will all be in contention for that prize pool.

In alphabetical order, here are the 2022 Needle In The Hay finalists:

Ainsley Farrell

Angie Coleman

Agung Mango

Becka Armani

Bread Club

Buzz Kull

Dead Witch


Euan Hart

Feign Jima



Full Flower Moon Band

Greta Stanley

Hannah Cameron

Jade Kenji

Jess Reiss

Lola Scott



Mr Rhodes

Paris Rodrigues

Pheobe Go

R.F Colman


Southside Denny

The Oogars

The Lazy Eyes

The Slingers

The Sooks

So what happens now? From here, these 30 finalists are in the hands of Needle In The Hay’s guest judges; Benjamin Law, FlexMami, Georgia Mooney, Jeff Apter, Kieran Llama (Spacey Jane), Marieke Hardy, Ngaiire, Stephen Ferris, Andrew Khedoori and Zach Stevenson (Hockey Dad). Their votes will decide the ultimate winners, who will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

Needle In The Hay is now in its seventh year, the winners of Needle in the Hay 2022 will join a list of competition alumni including Maple Glider, Tones and I, Spacey Jane, Haiku Hands, The Buoys, and so many more.