Get ready, cause the Arctic Monkeys have allegedly recorded a new album

The Arctic Monkeys have allegedly been recording their next, seventh album in Suffolk, and everyone’s freaking out.

According to the website of Butley Priory, a scenic venue two hours from London on the Suffolk coast, the band were there between June and July recording their seventh album.

“We’ve had a band staying with us for the last month recording an album,” the post on the venue’s website read.

Arctic Monkeys
Image: Zackery Michael

“Musicians love the acoustics in the Great Hall and Drawing Room, with their huge vaulted ceilings. Being serenaded while watering and weeding the garden, listening to the double bass, drums and piano wafting out of the open double doors, was pretty nice. Thank you, Arctic Monkeys.”

Another post later appeared on the venue’s Instagram, which confirmed what was on everyone’s lips.


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Interesting, indeed.

Back in January, Arctic Monkeys’ drummer, Matt Helders, revealed that the group were in the “early stages of trying to write a [new] record”.

Speaking on Instagram Live on January 13, Helders explained that the Sheffield band had been “faced with the obvious obstacles” while working on the follow-up to Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino.

“Being separated by the sea is one of them,” Helders said, referring to international travel restrictions.

“We’re all eager to do it – we would have been doing it by now in a normal time. There’s definitely a desire from our end to do a new record as soon as we can.” 

Last year, Helders was photographed in a recording studio, creating a fan-frenzy that new music was around the corner.

In January, Arctic Monkeys’ manager, Ian McAndrew, revealed that the group had been “working on music” and had initially planned to record last summer.

“In this rather disjointed time, the guys are beavering away and I hope that next year they’ll start working on some new songs, new ideas, with a view on a future release,” he said.