PREMIERE: Ark Patrol drops new single Let Go

Music can make or break a great film. Where would Start Wars, Jaws or The Lord of the Rings be without some kickass music? It helps plant seeds for character motivations, sets the tone and aptly tells you who the bad guys are.  A great score tells the same story as the film you’re watching, but takes on a new dimension entirely almost to the extent that you may not even have to see the screen to be aware of what is unfolding. So if we were to think of Ark Patrol, a young man who is studying film scoring, what kind of film would this young man be scoring for?

Ark Patrol premi

Ark Patrol puts forth his latest single Let Go. With Veronkia Redd’s gorgeous vocals it’s the most intriguing and promising work from the chillstep maestro.

While you ponder that let’s get a little backs tory. Mysteriously known to us as only Brandon, Ark Patrol hails from sunny yet rainy Hawaii, a young man at the age of 19 who studies film scoring at the Berkley College of Music. His chilled take on electronic music is a refreshing breath of air once you hear it. It doesn’t push any boundaries, but it is head and shoulders above a scene that is over saturated with bedroom producers. To escape the pressures and stress of college life young Brandon delved into making tuneskies as Ark Patrol and has since released to EP’s, Ambition and Voyager. A quick peruse of his Soundcloud will reveal the light, bubbly nature of his previous work. Think early Bag Raiders and Miami Horror.

His new track Let Go is a completely different matter. While that distinct chilled out vibe is firmly intact, the dance-able groove is absent. At first it’s a bit of a shame, Ark Patrol has nailed his sound with those bubbly synths and bouncing beats, but as Let Go begins to take shape any reservations are erased completely. The slow beat and spacious synths do wonders for this track, it is incredibly simple but works so well within the space of four minutes that it feels like it is playing for much longer. The subtle guitars and echoing drum beats that interchange with each other in the chorus work phenomenally. Instead of a constantly thumping beat we are treated to percussion that cuts away leaving a lull, almost as if you are left in free fall.

The real stunner on this track though is the serene vocals. Helping out old mate Ark Patrol on this venture is the serene Veronika Redd. Her vocals light, pretty and have this uncanny ability to put you at ease. Her voice rings out across the track like a gentle breeze that creates ripples on a still lake. It is by far Ark Patrol’s most progressive track to date and the journey he has taken from the Ambition EP has certainly been a rewarding one.

So what kind of film would Let Go soundtrack? It’s song of self-discovery; of learning to let go whilst being open to the wide world put there. It’s set for an introspective film, a little independent number about self-discovery and learning to appreciate the wondrous world around you.