Arturia V Collection 8: check out what's new

Arturia V Collection 8: check out what’s new

The latest Arturia V Collection 8 features some of the biggest additions, updates and upgrades since its initial release almost 20 years ago.

Due to the range of immaculately recreated synthesiser sounds on offer, the Arturia V collection is one of the most critically acclaimed virtual synth bundles out there. It has become the industry standard for synth plugins and is undoubtedly the next best option if you cant get your hands on the classic hardware synth you want.

In 2003, French software company Arturia began developing a digital library of legendary analog synths. The first of these digital synthesisers to be released was the Modular V, inspired by early Moog synths. Since then the V collection has flourished into an extensive bundle of digital synthesisers that is now up to version number eight. The latest iteration the company’s most expansive collection to date.


The Arturia V Collection 8 has a total of 28 instruments with 6 newcomers. Each new member is based on a vintage synthesiser that is meticulously emulated in its sound and user interface.

The new Jun 6-V plugin is inspired by the iconic Roland Juno-6 poly synthesiser. It is staggeringly similar to its source of inspiration and adds key updated features such as greater modulation capability. Another particularly exciting new instrument included in the suite is the Emulator II V, based off of the Emu Emulator II hardware sampler by Dave Rossum.

The other new emulations included are the Vocoder V, OB-Xa V, Jup-8 V 4 and Stage 73-V 2. The presets for every single instrument in the collection have been updated. The multi-layer preset machine Analog Lab has also been updated, so the vast library of individual tones available to users has never been so easy and rewarding to navigate.

Aside from the new synths on offer, Arturia has made several significant improvements. The look and feel of the interface have been updated to encourage an efficient workflow and reduce unwanted interruptions. Furthermore, you can actually customise the workspace to meet your own needs.

The instruments in the V Collection can be used in standalone form, or a DAW of your choice and are designed to work intuitively with a range of MIDI controllers. Arturia has also included detailed tutorials for each synth plug-in, a handy feature for anyone keen to get the most out of a particular instrument.

To find out more head to the Arturia website.