Aussies could soon be provided with a free coronavirus vaccine

Australia has formed a deal with a UK firm that may soon enable it to become one of the first countries to offer free coronavirus vaccines.

The Australian Federal Government has forged a deal with UK biopharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca to continue to locally develop a COVID-19 vaccine that is currently under development at Oxford University.

The COVID-19 trial at Oxford University is widely regarded as one of the most promising vaccine trials occuring around the globe and is one of 29 trials currently undertaking human tests. If these tests are successful then Australia will receive the patent to locally manufacture and distribute the vaccine.

Coronavirus under microscope

It’s been kept tightly under wraps just how much the coronavirus vaccine will cost, however, this latest government deal with AstraZeneca ensures that all Australian’s will secure a free dose if everything goes to plan. Whilst no one’s sure just how soon we’ll be able to get our hands on the vaccine, it’s thought it will be available sometime around the end of the year. However, it’s important that vaccines undergo thorough testing and complete all of the trial phases to guarantee complete safety before being widely distributed to the public.

“The Oxford vaccine is one of the most advanced and promising in the world, and under this deal, we have secured early access for every Australian,” stated Scott Morrison in a recent press statement.

However there is no guarantee that this, or any other, vaccine will be successful, which is why we are continuing our discussions with many parties around the world while backing our own researchers at the same time to find a vaccine.”

The vaccine will first be distributed to high-risk individuals and healthcare workers in Australia, with the government stating that it will also work to make sure that countries in the Pacific and South-east Asia get early access to it. ScoMo has also declared that should the vaccine be successful, it will be mandatory for all citizens, barring those with medical exemptions.