Austin City Limits moves to New Zealand -

Austin City Limits moves to New Zealand

While some may still be lamenting the death of Big Day Out, part owners of the festival C3 and Live Nation Entertainment have revealed their plans to expand the popular Austin City Limits festival to Auckland, New Zealand.

Auckland City Limits C3

The new Auckland City Limits will go down Saturday March 19th at Western Springs stadium. Local promoter CRS Presents will also have a hand in bringing the event to life, which is set to host 40 quality international artists across 4 stages.

CRS Presents’ Campbell Smith stated in no way is Auckland City Limits a place holder for the Big Day Out, saying “We want to produce a live music and festival experience that is memorable and spectacular, that expands the format into what we know people want from a music festival nowadays and that is created and curated solely and specifically for Auckland.”

Tickets look to set you back $200, but if you’re clever you can sign up for the $99 early bird tickets at the Auckland City Limits website.