This new book updates the Kama Sutra with watercolour paintings

In a new book, Austrian artist Bianca Tschaikner has shared her own modern take on the Kama Sutra, with 34 new water-coloured paintings of people gettin’ it on.

Titled MINISUTRA, the new book looks to update the text; including new positions for homosexual and queer couples.

In her new book MINISUTRA, Austrian artist Bianca Tschaikner reimagines the Kama Sutra with incredible watercolour paintings.

While the original Kama Sutra acknowledged homosexual sex between men, the text has since been used to condemn homosexuality by various communities.

I found it only natural to include some homosexual and queer couples in my book—because, well, it’s 2018! I wanted my book to be colorful in every sense,” Tschaikner told Vice.

In the new crowdfunded reinterpretation, the artist playfully depicts the figures in purple, pink and yellow.

Tschaikner is known best for her book SAVARI, an illustrated travelogue of Iran and India.

Check out some images from the book below, and order yourself a copy here.

Via Vice.