The cheapest item in this Balenciaga x PlayStation range costs more than a PS5

Balenciaga and PlayStation have teamed up to create a clothing line that pops like something straight out of a Target – but each item costs more than an actual PS5 (and is only a little easier to get ahold of).

If you’re still trying to get your hands on a shiny new PS5 but just can’t seem to find one, fear not – you might have a slightly better shot at getting your hands on the new Balenciaga x PlayStation capsule collection. If you’ve already got the money lined up for a console that you can’t get, why not just spend it on a shirt that’s roughly the same price?

No, that’s not an exaggeration. Every item in the collection is not merely a similar price to a PS5, but actually more expensive.

PS5 x Balenciaga hoodie
Image: Balenciaga

The standard PS5 model will knock you back $750 AUD ($499 USD), or you can grab a digital edition for the low low price of $600; which now seems like an absolute steal in comparison to literally any garment in the PS5-branded line. You can get one of two shirts for $866 AUD ($675 USD), or treat yourself to the hoodie for a simple $1,122. Totally reasonable, right?

The line was created in collaboration with Sony, who seem to have had little more design inspiration to offer than the PS5 logo and iconic controller symbols. The range is super simple, which could be passed off as trendy, at least under the label of Balenciaga’s chic minimalism. Even so, it doesn’t come close to justifying the enormous price tag.

While the apparently high fashion styling of their models might make an appearance in my nightmares, I won’t pretend I’m not at least a little into the pieces themselves. The hoodie absolutely looks like something I would grab from H&M for maybe four percent of the price it’s currently selling at.

To be fair, I couldn’t imagine wearing anything costing over a grand – how does one even go about their daily tasks knowing they could be moments away from ruining something so expensive? But if I ever was going to break my bank for fashion, it would probably be on something more exciting than a basic cotton hoodie with a logo slapped onto it.

PS5 x Balenciaga red shirt
Image: Balenciaga

While it might seem odd for PS5 to team up with Balenciaga for an absurdly expensive collaboration, it’s not entirely off brand. PlayStation has previously collaborated with big streetwear brands like Travis Scott and Nike – who they designed a sneaker with at the much more accessible price of $160 AUD.

The partnership surprisingly makes sense on Balenciaga’s side too, with their Fall 21 collection being all about technology. The luxury fashion house even first presented the line through a VR runway, before releasing a video game to showcase the collection, intended to help people “imagine a near future in which clothing is meant to transform over many years”.

While it’s true that some people who can afford a PS5 might also be able to drop nearly 900 bucks on a shirt, I think it’s safe to assume that this isn’t typically the case; so teaming up with Balenciaga does feel a bit out of touch with PlayStation’s audience. It especially seems to be in poor taste when so many fans are still unable to get a console.

The timing becomes even more questionable when the wider perspective of a global pandemic, and the resulting economic hardships are taken into consideration. Of course, collabs like this are intended more as publicity stunts than for consumption by the general public, but a basic shirt more expensive than an already pricey gaming console feels like a bit of a sick joke.

The Balenciaga x PS5 capsule collection is selling quickly despite its absurdity; so feel free to check out the range on Balenciaga’s website if you’re inclined to throw away some cash on something that wouldn’t look out of place in a Target.