Beastie Boys launch vegan sneakers celebrating 30 years of ‘Paul’s Boutique’

While most Adidas trainers are made from leather, this pair are made from off-white canvas. The sexy kicks also feature a Beastie Boys logo on the tongue and heel.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Beastie Boys‘ second studio album Paul’s Boutique, a classic hailed as one of the cornerstones of hip-hop.

In celebration of this crazy milestone, Beastie Boys have launched a new pair of trainers with Adidas. To top it off, the trainers are vegan.

The shoes are said to have also been made in honour of late Beastie Boys rapper MCA (Adam Yauch), who had always been an Adidas fan.

Adidas Skateboarding unveiled the new collaboration at the art show launch for Beyond The Streets, a New York premier exhibition of graffiti and street art.

What’s even better about the shoes is that proceeds go to two charities: underprivileged families organisation Peace Sisters and education foundation Little Kids Rock.

The hip-hop group haven’t partnered with many brands in the past. But according to Horowitz, himself and Diamond were really open to the collaboration.

“Like, I love Coca-Cola, because it’s delicious,” he said. “And if it was just about McDonald’s fries, I’d be on board, because I use those products. Same with Adidas. I’ve used their Campus and shell toes, and Stan Smiths, and Rod Lavers … a lot of their products!”

On top of the sick shoes, fans are getting excited because Beastie Boys have announced a series of digital EPs to coincide with the Paul’s Boutique anniversary. The EPs will add a total of 21 rare tracks and remixes to the original 1989 album.

The trainers are currently only available from selected skate-wear shops in North America, priced at $85USD. Hopefully these bad boys will be available in Australia some time soon.