Before they disappear into the studio for the rest of 2016, get around Sydney’s next alt-rock buzz act Tinsmith

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Right now it’s a hard ask to find a fresher band than Tinsmith. Formed this year, they have one demo and a string of shows to their name. So far they’ve specialised in bringing  Sydney’s Inner West a refreshingly vocal alt-rock, something they’ve proved time and time again they’re pretty adept at.

Sticking to their roots for the moment, next on the cards for the four lads is a local gig for local bands, a straight-up homely shindig for the Inner Westies who’ve been keen on them from the start. Hosted by the heroes at Pleb City Studios and spearheaded by the band themselves, it’s a unique take on a live show; part back-yard gig, part warehouse show, all good times.


New kids on the block Tinsmith may not have an album to their name, but in less than a year they’ve earned Sydney’s heart with a down-to-earth, honest alternative charm.

While they’re currently in the studio working on their official debut single, Tinsmith have publicly released a demo of another one of their tracks. Named New Mistakes, it’s a medley of indie rock goodness, with more highs and lows than your average Sydney suburb.

The chorus consistently soars to heavenly levels, while a cheeky breakdown three quarters into the tune levels out the sonics somewhat, before taking off once again for the climax. During the lower moments subtle percussion and a heavy bass presence are a powerful driving force.

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If this demo is anything to go by, the mysterious single in the works is set to be an utter treat. One song into their career, Tinsmith know their sound, know how to use light and shade, know their strengths… they just know how to make a damn track.

It’s no wonder their immediate area has jumped on this act so hard. Sydney’s Inner West is practically a cultural hub at the moment with events, bands and new music fans cropping up every single week, and for an emerging act to so quickly secure gigs at paramount venues such as the Vic on the Park is a testament.

The upcoming gig is Tinsmith’s last of the year before they secure some studio dedication. In the band’s own words “it’s shaping up to be bloody insane” – bring your friends, mums, and all the booze you plan to drink. Tinsmith will be joined by fellow underground local legends Maia Marsh, Yours Truly and Aurora Motel.

It’s a rare chance to hit it off with a couple of sick bands before they take off, and likely something you’ll be telling your friends about for months – a refreshing take on the intimate, hole-in-the-wall gigs you’re always gutted to miss out on.

Find all the details you need on the Facebook event, and grab your tickets here.