Befriend the voice inside your head in Dee Lunar’s new single Wicked Mind

Embrace the galloping, indie reflection of Dee Lunar as she delves into her Wicked Mind in the latest single.

The talented songwriter has emerged from Cairns, with a unique knack for honest expressive, writing.

Dee Lunar

Dee Lunar has left behind the dreamy chill landscapes of previous songs for an upbeat, indie rock jam in Wicked Mind. Step inside the crazed mind of a talented songwriter!

Dee Lunar has always been obsessed with music and art. Influenced by 90’s alternative and modern Indie rock, Dee creates quirky, raw, unique music in her home studio in Cairns, Far North Queensland .

Throughout her life Dee filled countless journals with lyrics and poetry , and now a decade on from picking up a guitar, she has never looked back.

Dee Lunars third single, Wicked Mind, is rambling alternative folk rock song about that little voice of sabotage inside your head, telling you you’re not good enough and filling you with fear. It’s a song about social anxiety. Dee wrote Wicked Mind as a kind of self-therapy, examining the malicious ploys of the voice inside her head and scratching it to paper, expunging it through song.

The discordant opening chords establish an unsettling scene as Dee picks up the pace and launches into a galloping groove. Sure to be a fan favourite it will surely get the dust raising, foot stomping crowds kicking up a storm at any festival.

As the song progresses her howl vocals intensify and become increasingly drenched in reverb, mirroring the paranoia of an unstable mind. As the song descends into complete madness the melody whips around the the groove finds it’s feet once again.

Resolution is no doubt the end game when the voices become to loud inside our heads. Dee Lunar has perfectly encapsulated this raging battle from start to finish and we cannot wait to see where her songwriting takes her. Keep a close ear out for Dee Lunar!