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Welcome to Happy Mag’s Best New Music, where we bring you the best new album releases.

Dive into the standout albums of 2024 so far with Happy Mag’s Best New Music. Covering genres from indie rock to experimental electronica, these releases remind us that music remains a powerful force, uniting and inspiring us through challenging times.

Grab a drink, kick back, and immerse yourself in the refreshing sounds of the best new music and enjoy the tunes that are making waves and set to redefine your musical experience in 2024.

tom odell


Tom Odell: Black Friday

Tom Odell’s latest album, “Black Friday,” isn’t your typical feel-good record. Instead, it delves into personal struggles with vulnerability and a push for unfiltered authenticity. But within this melancholic exploration lies its brilliance.

Odell exhibits emotional depth by confronting anxiety, self-doubt, and societal pressures with unwavering honesty. Tracks like “Answer Phone,” “Black Friday” and “The End” resonate deeply, creating a powerful emotional narrative.

The unproduced and unpretentious production choices amplify the intimacy of the songwriting, transforming the rawness into a felt experience rather than just auditory.

Despite its dark themes, the album transcends being a personal narrative; it becomes a mirror reflecting universal struggles with mental health and self-discovery.



tom odell best albums of 2024


Arcadia: STUMPS

Sydney’s indie rockers, STUMPS, deliver “Arcadia,” an album that’s equal parts danceable, introspective, & downright addictive.

Seamlessly blending Talking Heads-esque grooves, and The Beths’ thoughtful lyricism, the trio creates a unique sonic experience across 12 tracks. Tracks like “Serotonin” and “Dose” are infectious earworms, while introspective moments in “Life’s Moving Past You” and playful nods in “David Byrne” add depth.

Lead single “Cyanide” marks a thematic departure, injecting weightiness into its introspective atmosphere. Produced by Fletcher Matthews, “Arcadia” explores a diverse sonic landscape, from indie sleaze to pulsating dance beats.

Frontman Kyle Fisher describes the album as a walk home after the best night of your life, capturing moments of beauty and gratitude – and he nails it.


arcadia stumps best albums 2024




Peacemaker: Vera Sola

Branded as the ‘lost love child of Leonard Cohen and Nancy Sinatra,’ Sola Vera aka Danielle Aykroyd, transcends folk-noir, evoking the spirits of Nick Cave and Patsy Cline. A departure from her isolated debut, “Shades,” the new album is a grand, orchestral journey through the American landscape, recorded in Nashville with a collaborative approach.

Her voice, likened to PJ Harvey at her most intense, takes center stage, embracing newfound strength. Influenced by Antonín Dvořák’s ‘New World Symphony,’ the arrangements are bold and cinematic, blending orchestral elements with punk-inspired vigor.

Despite a four-year journey marred by personal turmoil and the pandemic,  Vera Sola transforms darkness and difficulty into a profound musical experience, embodying the album’s title as a true peacemaker.

The ultimate irony lies in the name itself, referencing the Colt Single Action Army, the original “Instrument of War” that tamed the American West—a poignant reflection of the album’s thematic complexity and personal significance.


vera sola best new albums 2024