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Big Scary

It may technically not be available until Friday but Not Art from Melbourne duo, Big Scary, has been gifted to us early in the form of an in-full stream. We’ve been enjoying teasers in the form of singles for long enough and it’s nice to have a complete album to sink your teeth into. The lead up to their debut album, Vacation, was monumental; and while Iansek and Syme have taken a quieter path this time, they are sure to be making big names of themselves soon.

Despite their insistence that,

We very much still feel like we’re up and coming – Tom Iansek in Beat

Big Scary have just signed a multi-album deal with Barsuk Records (USA); the first Aussie band to do so in the label’s history.

big scary not art

Not Art is reflective of a growth period, however, showcasing a maturation that has developed both independently and with a wide range of influences.

Big Scary are still in the process of discovering their sound and Not Art is indicative of that. While the record is more focused than their debut, the sonic influences are still wildly diverse; Not Art pays homage to an eclectic blend of artists and genres. And that’s the best thing about it: in sampling elements of the art of others in new ways, Big Scary are hoping to make sense of their own. Rather than being confusing or disjointed, the result is a poignant album about the artistic process itself – The Music Network

Big Scary are still on their way, but this album has achieved the enviable feel of a collection of songs that simultaneously encourage loyalty whilst leaving the listener keen for more.

Not Art is a compelling, complex and fascinating album to listen to. Artistic process aside, the duo has created a hauntingly beautiful album full of emotionally-charged harmonies and stunning instrumental melodies – a pure delight for anyone’s ears – TheMusic

Big Scary will be supporting Bernard Fanning in his upcoming, nation-wide tour; more info on that here.



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July 2, 2013

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