Bindi tributes family on her 24th

In a heartwarming birthday Instagram post yesterday, Bindi shared some beautiful pics and a few words of thanks to her family. 

Celebrating her 24th birthday yesterday, Bindi Irwin shared a stunning tribute to her family, to thank them for their unconditional love over the last year.

​​”The last year has been filled with enormous growth, unpredictable/challenging times, and above all, love beyond my wildest dreams. Without them realising, my sweet family has given me the greatest gifts this year through their extraordinary actions each and every day.”

bindi birthday
Credit: Instagram

“My in-laws, the gift of no distance standing in the way of family bonds. My mum, the gift of perseverance, strength, and a shoulder to lean on. My brother, the gift of enthusiasm for life and remembering not to sweat the little things. My husband, the gift of steadfast support and infinite kindness. My darling daughter, the gift of finding beauty in all things and running towards happiness (and bubbles, which are the same thing to her) with an open heart. 

Bindi Irwin lost her beloved father Steve Irwin at the age of 8. Graced with sweetness, Bindi keeps her father’s memory alive, by cherishing the small things, and one small thing, in particular, that comes in the form of her firstborn daughter, whom Bindi revealed that her daughters name pays a significant tribute to her late father in the sweetest way possible, by naming her daughter Grace Warrior Irwin Powell.  

The words I spoke to our daughter as I held her for the first time in my arms were, ‘My graceful warrior’. That’s how her name was born.”