Bipolar Sunshine throws the human race one last party on ‘TOO YOUNG’

Bipolar Sunshine knows the world is ending. So, he’s decided to host humanities’ final celebration on TOO YOUNG.

Bipolar Sunshine, real name Adio Marchant, has always found the perfect balance. Whether it’s putting you in the middle”, as he did on double-platinum DJ Snake collab, Middle, or co-writing for both Beyonce and Wiz Kid on BROWN SKIN GIRL.

In the latest offering, TOO YOUNG, Marchant finds the balance between the end of humanity and the wonder of the human experience. There are dark times, and there are dark moments”, he says, “but it doesn’t mean that, in between, a rose can’t rise from the concrete”.

Bipolar Sunshine
Image: TOO YOUNG single cover (cropped)

On a bed of spacey drums, liquid bass, and sheen synth work, (typically found at the top of the pop charts), Bipolar Sunshine wakes up to chaos. “Hands upright to the sky, we’re too young to die”, the artist declares. The dire lyricism, however, is greatly juxtaposed by the glamorous, dance party RNB instrumentation, gifting the single an entirely new, complex meaning. A fertile blend of realism and fun.

“I think that our actual existence as humans may be coming to an end as we know it as technology replaces humanity, so I wanted to celebrate whilst we still have the chance”, the artist comments. If there was ever a sonic equivalent of this feeling, we have it now. And we can even dance to it, so that’s a huge plus.

TOO YOUNG is accompanied by a visualiser, featuring rainbow-hued MRI imagery in front of digital grids. It’s a stylistic interpretation of our verge with technology that also looks fit for a no-holds-barred dance floor lighting. It’s honestly very clever and one of the most immersive, provoking visualisers I’ve seen to date. A music video for TOO YOUNG will be released on March 10.

Listen to Bipolar Sunshine’s TOO YOUNG below: