Black Eyed Peas are suing over a pooping unicorns ad

Black Eyed Peas’ label BMG claims that the ad’s track My Poops intentionally imitates My Humps and devalues the Will.i.am original.

In some long overdue retribution for the worst ad of all time, Black Eyed Peas’ record label BMG are suing MGA Entertainment for allegedly using their song My Humps in their ad for pooping unicorn toys.

As reported by Rolling Stone, BMG filed the lawsuit in the U.S. District Court of Manhattan, claiming “willful copyright infringement” from MGA Entertainment for allegedly turning My Humps into My Poops.

Pooping unicorns
Credit: MGA Entertainment

The BMG lawsuit alleges that shortly after the release of the incredibly successful ode to junk in the trunk My Humps in 2006, toymaker MGA Entertainment “created a song called ‘My Poops’ that clearly copies from, and is substantially similar to, ‘My Humps’” to promote its Poopsie Slime Surprise product line, which featured “a unicorn doll that excretes sparkling slime.” Charming…

BMG is seeking $10 million in damages and demanding that the toymaker “destroy all copies” of My Poops.

I, for one, hope BMG is successful in getting My Poops wiped, given the track features some of the worst lyrics ever put to music, including “I’mma poop poop poop poop, oh yeah!” and “Gotta get loopy off my poopy!

You can watch the affront to God (aka the ad in question) below: