Black Stone From The Sun are bringing grunge goodness to Aus fans

Black Stone From The Sun are getting down and dirty on a grunge fuelled East Coast rampage

A garage grunge duo with the ferocious ability to sound like a five piece band, Perth’s very own Black Stone from the Sun are set to thunder into the ear drums of every rock fan in Australia. This could be WA’s grunge version of The White Stripes. Musical genius minus the confusion of figuring out whether they are married or siblings.


Black Stone From The Sun condense a massive wall of sound into a 2 piece grunge juggernaut that’s set to blow minds and burst eardrums during their Aus tour

With a mutual passion for bands like Nirvana, Black Sabbath and DZ Deathrays, it didn’t take the Perth boys long to figure out just what kind of head-banging rock they wanted perform. Starting up in 2012 over the winter school holidays, singer/guitarist Sean Mackay and drummer Jack Nelson united to fuzz out tunes in Sean’s backyard, rather than garage, to eventually forge the sound that is Black Stone from the Sun.

With their first self-titled EP released in 2014 and their second EP Death Threats and Cigarettes the following year, this musically dynamic pair have been relentless in amplifying their sound. Partnering up with The Love Junkies’ vocalist Mitch McDonald in the recording of their latest tracks Old as Culture and Vice Versa. They’ve got the thrashing guitar riffs seething in distortion to pluck at your nineties grunge nostalgia heart strings. With biting vocals akin to Violent Soho’s Luke Boerdam and enormous cymbal heavy drums essential in every tune, there are plenty of reasons to become totally obsessed with Black Stone from the Sun.

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Copping plenty of radio air time and kudos on Triple J Unearthed and FBi radio in Sydney, the boys are beginning to amass some serious buzz that’ll lend itself nicely when they bring their face melters across Australia. With Triple J Unearthed music director Dave Ruby Howe saying “these guys are beasts” and Home and Hosed host Dom Alessio reviewing their track Vice Vera as “Flannelette fuzz conjuring the ghosts of grunge.” it seems everyone in the country wants a piece of this grungy pie.

Playing a not-so-secret secret show with Psychedelic Porn Crumpets and The Kramers recently and releasing some “promo” photos (flipping off innocent goats and pouring bottled water over themselves) the WA boys have lined up a fast, loud and unfortunately short tour along the east coast this May, so you’d best don your moshing boots and head down to one of their dates.

With a colossal sound and a total metal attitude, Black Stone from the Sun are going to unleash some ripping live shows.

Black Stone From The Sun Dates

Wednesday 18th of May @ The Crown and Anchor, Adelaide w/ Slick Arnold, Larsen and Cobra – SA
Friday 20th of May @ Tokyo Sing Song, Newtown Sydney Supporting Loose Tooth
Saturday 21st of May @ Yah Yah’s, Fitzroy Melbourne w/ The Naysayers, Elbrus and A’tuin
Sunday 22nd @ The Tote, Collingwood Melbourne w/ The Dead Heir and Masco Sound System