Curious about Brooklyn songwriter Blaze McKenzie? Familiarise yourself with a 14-track playlist

Not too long ago we happened across Blaze McKenzie, a Brooklyn-based musician who quietly released his debut solo album Born A Shadow earlier this year. Though you’ll know we usually keep our ear out for new Aussie music, something about this fellow stood out.

As the former frontman of The Can’t Tells, McKenzie had a score of releases up his sleeve before Born A Shadow saw the light of day – not to mention a host of touring experience.

Hardly being from McKenzie’s neck of the woods ourselves, we asked him to surmise those lived experience in a format we’re well acquainted with; a playlist.

blaze mckenzie playlist

Curious about Blaze McKenzie and his evocative debut album Born A Shadow? Take a peek into his sobered mind with a 14-track playlist.

“This playlist is comprised of some of the many inspiring musicians I’ve been lucky enough to either share a stage with, pour a beer for, move some faders with, or simply admire from afar.”

Read our interview with Blaze McKenzie here, and listen to Born A Shadow for yourself here.