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‘Punk’ and ‘girls’ seem to be the first two words that people associate with Sydney based three piece Bloods. Yes, it’s true that Bloods rip out a raw punk sound reminiscent of the bands flouting the rules in the 70’s, but to typecast them in such a way is, I feel somewhat unfair.

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Firstly, Bloods are the combined female energy of MC and Sweetie on guitar and bass respectively coupled with the all important y chromosome of Dirk on drums. Secondly, it’s not just punk that shines through the dark tunnel that you emerge from after listening to tracks like Into My Arms and No Fun. There are equal measures of 90’s garage grunge, classic steady rock and catchy power pop elements to greet you on the other end too. With a 3 part ingredient recipe of guitar, bass and drums, you know exactly what you’re getting with Bloods.  In every combination, expect a heavy blend of short and punchy tracks that make you wanna dance and mosh simultaneously.

Bloods are well on their way to mastering the musical simplicity and fiery intensity that their punk forefathers The Ramones made ingenious. Their recent EP Golden Fang was released back in August, and it’s a belter.

Be sure to back Bloods in April 2014 when they play some regional shows in Victoria – after all, blood is thicker than water, baby.



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December 23, 2013

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