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Boy & Bear Take An Epic Journey

We’ve mentioned the upcoming sophomore album from Boy & Bear before, and their new single ‘Southern Sun’, which has had all of us at Happy gearing up for the album’s release on the 16th of August. However, the Melbourne quintet have made a music video that deserves its very own post. Getting to New Zealand from Australia may not be a trek exactly, but the video for Southern Sun may as well have been filmed in another world… Middle Earth perhaps…

Boy & Bear

That’s not to say that Boy & Bear have equipped themselves with a variety of medieval weapons and translated the song into Sindarin*, or that the track is going to make its way onto the upcoming Hobbit movie’s soundtrack; but wow does this video perfectly blend with the track to create something cinematic. I cannot think of a song that better suits the rustic, otherworldly landscape of NZ. Despite the fact that this video is mostly the band members walking through various icy spots, this video left me absolutely mesmerised.

Director, Benn Jae has created a masterpiece. We say bring on the new album, the October/November tour and further partnerships between Boy & Bear and Jae.



*Yes, yes I am fully aware that I am a dork.