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The Boy Least Likely To – The Great Perhaps

The Great Perhaps is a brave new world for UK duo The Boy Least Likely To. The band’s fourth studio album has averaged a rating of 7.3 across various publications, but I’m a little more fond of it than that. The Boy Least Likely To are one of those bands that stick with you, they’re never going to make your most played album but at least a couple of times a year you stick it in the stereo and smile to yourself.

But while the album artwork is the same style of childish doodles as their previous CDs, The Great Perhaps has seen The Boy Least Likely To abandon some of the old and embrace modernity. The first two artists that came to mind when I heard this band were Australian artists Ben Lee and Josh Pyke. It must be something about their dulcet tones, complimented by laid back yet equally emotional instrumentals that gave me that impression.

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The Boy Least Likely To woe all the girls? As if! They’ve got everyone wrapped around their finger with their gentle and humble feel.

Pitchfork has embraced the change and remarkably enthusiastic about the new direction of the band.

“The finest moments on The Great Perhaps typically revolve around the band’s deployment of a previously unheard influence or instrument” – Pitchfork

And that is the kicker, the whole album has been made in a way that was completely new to Jof Owen and Pete Hobbs. It’s not perfect because they are still exploring their new style, still getting used to the lack of glockenspiels and still learning how to incorporate newer technologies.  It’s a:

“reconfigur[ation] the band’s musical toy box”FILTER Magazine

Hobbs is open about the fact that The Great Perhaps has set out into unknown waters, in a recent contribution to Drowned in Sound, Hobbs said of the album’s inception:

The band was 8 years and 3 albums old and I didn’t want to make a record that sounded like anything we’d done before. Without a second thought, the banjos, glockenspiels, recorders and guiros were all consigned to the dustbin. Jof, being a practical type of guy was worried.

“What are we going to make music with?” he asked.

“Don’t worry” I said confidently. “Something will turn up”Drowned in Sound

Without a doubt The Great Perhaps is an album worth giving a listen to; it’s something that (if you’re an existing fan) you might need to take a moment to adjust to but it’s definitely worth giving a chance.