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Pick me up from the lost and found: Brumfield’s debut EP showcases an artist on the rise

Brumfield’s debut EP Opus is an impressive collection tracks telling stories of good times, but also of things not working out the way we want them to.

The album starts off with the sound of a cassette being popped into a recorder, before getting straight into the nitty gritty.

brumfield opus

Brumfield’s debut EP explores the fonder times of youth, being optimistic about the future but of also being weighed down by the doubts of a relationship, that, ultimately, doesn’t work out.

Opener Pintara is a melancholic mid-tempo song which revolves around his car as something that brings back fond memories of a carefree time, while using it as a backdrop for wanting a relationship to work out.

“…pick me up from the lost and found, hanging by a thread, holding onto what is left.”

Flipping onto the reverse side of the ‘cassette,’ a melancholic piano melody opens Backseat. Dale raps about wanting to live meaningfully, losing time in his youth but also of having a wide-eyed optimism for the future.

Restart begins with a slightly more erratic beat and sounds more like a chill club song. A solid chorus pleads for his significant other to be honest and reconsider the current state of their relationship.

Drive is the kind of song you play when you’re up late at night, driving around your neighbourhood to clear your head. A nice loop opens Need This, before diving into inventive metaphors about cassettes in between verses about really wanting a relationship to work, but also for his music ventures to work out.

“B-sides are for good times.”

Opus/End Credits opens with an ethereal intro, before kicking into questioning whether that relationships was real or if it was all for show”. Ultimately, you have to trust that things happens for the best, even though that may be the hardest thing to accept.

In all, Opus is a well-written EP held together with slick production while showcasing a talented musician who can expect bigger and better things to come his way. Brumfield is definitely someone you’ll want to be keeping your eye on.


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November 22, 2018

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