Bryn van Vliet’s musical mastery and honey vocals make for a very special debut EP

NZ native Bryn van Vliet has released a stellar debut EP of touching folk flourishes and heartfelt songwriting.

With a voice as sweet as honey and soft as velvet, you can’t help but close your eyes and smile.

Bryn van VlietBryn van Vliet’s debut EP is a stunning collection of moving reflections from a man who has clearly spent a lot of time thinking, writing and creating.

Taking cues from the likes of Bon Iver and Marlon Williams, Bryn van Vliet draws on a wealth of musical knowledge, incorporating elements of jazz and classicism into a pot of pure and unabashed folk perfection.

Bryn van Vliet is a Wellington based multi-instrumentalist, usually seen behind the safety of the saxophone or various other woodwind instruments. After finishing his degree studying Jazz at University, Bryn has been working professionally as a musician & arranger in Wellington.

Despite being trained in Jazz, his love of music has taken him across many genres and led him to be involved with top NZ acts like Tunes of I, The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Rodger Fox Big Band, and many more. This release marks Bryn’s official debut as a singer-songwriter, with music that honestly and creatively reflects on personal experiences with identity, love, loss and everything in-between.

EP opener Darlin’ is an optimistic testament to love and an ode to self authenticity. Symbolically so, as that is the very trait that pervades van Vliet’s debut and indeed his songwriting itself. With a range and clarity to his voice like the crisp morning air, Bryn’s falsettos and vibrato are joyous to behold.

Go To Her is an EP highlight, with a touch of sadness in his writing, it’s a nicely weighted offset to the rest of the body of work. Bryn’s vocal passion is often inspiring before shifting to the fragility of a wilting flower. It’s this tendency to flow between emotions that’s defines the work of Bryn van Vliet and will no doubt see him soar in releases to come.

Through it all Bryn van Vliet is no ordinary songwriter and employs various delightful, and unique movements throughout each piece. The melodic unison in Wide Wide Moon sets his vocals up perfectly and provides one of the more transcendent moments in the work.

Already touring internationally with one of NZ’s best reggae-dub bands Tunes of I, it’s a wonder Bryn van Vliet still has the time to pursue other creative endeavours. The world would be remiss, however,  if he hadn’t for his talents are clearly wide and varied.

Do yourself a favour and check out the incredible debut EP from NZ native Bryn van Vliet.