Burger Joint deliver an anthem for our national meal on Chicken Parmigiana (Disco Version)

There has been a lot of debate over the past few years regarding whether our national anthem, Advanced Australia Fair, is still relevant to modern Australian society. Many have proposed a new song takes it place. Waltzing Matilda. Solid Rock. Great Southern Land. Well, I’d like to throw another name in that hat… the new single from Burger Joint, Chicken Parmigiana (Disco Version).

I’d argue that if this country had a national food, it would be the humble Chicken Parmigiana. Whether you call it a ‘parmy’ or a ‘parma’, we all call it delicious. So upon hearing this irresistibly groovy new song, my mind immediately jumped to themes of togetherness and mateship; the moral pillars of this great sun-burnt country.

With the release of their new single Chicken Parmigiana (Disco Version), Burger Joint have delivered an Aussie anthem for our times.

If we were to compare the pair—Advanced Australia Fair and Chicken Parmigiana (Disco Version)—it’d be a round-one knock-out. Written by Scottish-born composer Peter Dodds McCormick in 1878, Advanced Australia Fair is well and truly out-dated. The song features little-to-no basslines, and most importantly, absolutely no references to the parmigiana. Chicken Parmigiana (Disco Version), on the other hand, is full of parmigiana references, and was written by two motorbike-riding funk maniacs called G and T-Bone.

In a battle of disco/funk power, McCormick couldn’t lace up Burger Joint’s boots. It’s as simple as that.

To top it all off, Chicken Parmigiana (Disco Version) has arrived alongside an incredible new music video that not only pays tribute to the food item after which the song was named, but also to the clubs around the country that serve up this incredible dish.

The new single is the kind of track you can’t resist dancing to. It oozes an infectious musical energy, and we guarantee that as soon as you hit the ‘play’ button, you’ll be hooked. Chicken Parmigiana (Disco Version) is an anthem for our times. Cop that McCormick, you lightweight hack.

I’d feel a lot better about entering my child into the public schooling system if I knew they’d have to stand and sing this song each morning. Make it happen, Morrison.

Watch the new video for this prospective future Australian national anthem above.