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California Wives

Definitely jumping on the California Wives bandwagon here, their debut album Art History has proved to be an album well worth purchasing. The songs are smooth and get better each time the album reverts back to track one and plays again and again and again.

Reviews have been reluctant to praise the album in great detail; although almost all are positive, they tend to end on a note of “it’s a good start”.

No surprises that the band hail from Chicago. Forming in 2009 with original members, multi-instrumentalists Dan Zima and Hans Michel and drummer Joe O’Connor, followed by the addition of another multi-instrumentalist Jayson Kramer. It was a sound founded on the 80s new wave pop that the boys became recognised for.

California Wives

California Wives are a breath of fresh air with their pristine indie rock danceability.

In the moment of hesitation between the opening chord and the entrance of the entire ensemble lies the enigmatic quality that drives California Wives’ debut albumArt History, an album that continually surprises and refreshes its listeners with a soothing juxtaposition of steady rock anthems and new wave electronic vibes.”- Paste Magazine

True to that arbitrarily chosen name, California Waves’ debut sounds beachy in that it’s a giant, soothing wave that rolls over you for eleven straight songs. A lead guitar appears at the 40-second mark and seems to wind its way — sometimes trading with keyboard — until the record’s last note. “Art History” boasts the playful, innocent vibe of a non-overwrought debut.”- Billboard

This debut instills an affection for the band; you want them to do well, you want them to tour and you want them to keep making music.




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April 29, 2013