Carmen Modjito shares explosive new video for ‘House Is On Fire’

Last week, when we first wrapped our ears around the new single from Carmen Modjito, House Is On Fire, we were immediately spellbound by her arresting vocal delivery. On the track, the Melbourne-based singer-songwriter further built upon a sound that’s full of attitude and social awareness.

Now, fresh off the single’s release, Modjito is back with a new accompanying video clip, perfectly aligning with the song’s impassioned lyricism.

Carmen Modjito is back with a fervent new video for her track House Is On Fire, further establishing her socially aware brand of music.

Directed by Ro Llauro (Rolling Media Productions), the clip sees Carmen Modjito and a group of others passionately calling for climate and environmental action. Behind them, extreme images of disasters and protests play on repeat, giving the clip a real sense of urgency. With bushfires blazing and fists raising, the new music video is really quite difficult to look away from.

The music video captures everything that makes Modjito such an impressive artist; soaring vocals, lyrical fervour, and unapologetic attitude.

We understand that Modjito is currently working on a second album, and we can’t wait to hear what other songs she’s sitting on.

In the meantime, check out the new video for House Is On Fire above.