Central Coast dub rockers drop introspective new video for Lost & Found​

Have you ever had such a shit week that you wish you caught it on camera so you could go back and see where it all went wrong? This is exactly the scenario that the new video from The Sea Gypsies captures in dramatic detail. But there’s something cathartic about watching someone else’s life fall apart, especially when it’s soundtracked by deep dub grooves and blistering guitar solos.

sea gypsies

The Sea Gypsies explore a bit of self reflection, soul searching and absolution in their new video for Lost & Found. Start taking notes.

The Sea Gypsies are a bunch of worldly Central Coast nomads who dabble in rhythmic rock and roll that has been seeped in dub influences and laid out in the sun to bake.

Their new single, Lost & Found is their latest expedition into the realm of soul-cleansing roots-driven rock that has garnered the attention of the likes of Mountain Sounds Festival and Lost Paradise since forming in 2014. Over the last two years, the band have put out two EPs and surfed up and down the East Coast, entrancing crowds with their sassy mix of Mongrel reggae and whittling their craft down to a fine point, something that clearly shows on their latest effort.

There is no hesitancy in the way The Sea Gypsies approach their music, only what sounds like complete resolution. And you can hear that the band have been working their arses of over the past 24 months immediately on Lost & Found.

Their influences are laid bare in the stabbing upstrokes of the guitars and crooning vocals, a combination that is hard not counter with a smirk and a nod. But they take these reggae mainstays to terrestrial peaks with soaring guitar work, some spacious echo on the vocals and caressing organ lines that glue everything together.

Lyrically, Lost & Found explores the depths of personal mediation and that state in a relationship of complete turmoil, but also total resolve. This theme carries on beautifully into the track’s accompanying video, which follows a day in the life of a man at the crossroad between falling apart and moving forward

The dichotomy in the track’s title between being lost and being found is mirrored fastidiously in the clip. We are offered a fly on the wall perspective of a guy who drinks too much, sleeps too much and cares too little. As his world crumbles around him, and he begins jeopardising his relationship, the only way to go is up.

It’s the kind of clip that hits home, free from embellishments or extraneous detail that hinder the story from unfolding. And The Sea Gypsies have nailed it in this respect. With a song that speaks for itself, it only makes sense the video does the same.

You can catch The Sea Gypsies playing some shows this November/December on the following dates:

4th November – The Northern, Byron bay

5th November – Queen St Mall, Brisbane

5th November – The Foundry, Brisbane

6th November – Sounds of Sunday, Gold Coast

19th November – Norah Head Festival with Paul Kelly

3rd December – Bateau Bay Hotel, Bateau Bay

18th December – Mona Vale Hotel, Sydney

30th December- Beyond the Valley Festival