ChAMBER LANe Performs ‘Liana’ Live From Happy


In our recent “Live From Happy” session, we had the pleasure of hosting ChAMBER LANe, the four-piece indie rock sensation hailing from the Sunshine Coast,

Set against the backdrop of our very own Noise Machine Studio, they treated us to a very fine rendition of ‘Liana.’ 

This session was made possible by the generous support of Zeus Street Greek. Over the next few months Zeus Street Greek are collaborating with Happy Mag to feed independent music!

chamber lane

ChAMBER LANe made a stop at Happy to perform their latest indie rock track, ‘Liana.’ 

Filmed and recorded at our very own Noise Machines studio, this little gem carries an infectious vibe, making it a standout for the summer.

Known for their catchy tunes and a touch of Britpop influence, ChAMBER LANe has been making waves in the Australian music scene.

‘Liana,’ their latest release, tells a relatable story of letting go and moving forward. Frontman Connor Hanson explains, “It was time to accept that no matter how much I wanted it to work, it just wasn’t meant to be.”

The song’s message is clear: stop overthinking and embrace life’s changes.

‘Liana’ is just one part of a larger musical project for ChAMBER LANe. It’s part of a four-song collaboration with Craig Ross from Pease Media, set to be released over the next year.

Stay connected via the bands Instagram.

A special shoutout goes to the post-session camaraderie and nourishment. We teamed up with Zeus Street Greek to treat the band to a well-deserved post-performance feast.

The seamless fusion of creativity, art, and the flavour explosion that is Zeus Street Greek not only satisfied taste buds but also left a genuine and lasting impression. It sparked new ideas and left everyone with a sense of gratitude.

To find out more about our sponsors please head to their website’s Zeus Street Greek and Mode.  And get your last min tix now via tixel!