Chiara Christo entrances us with her single 'Thinking Of Me'

Chiara Christo entrances us with her single ‘Thinking Of Me’

Chiara Christo’s new track Thinking Of Me showcases her knack for soothing tones and candid lyricism, and will have you captivated from the very first note.

Bursting from the vibrant streets of Melbourne is 21-year-old singer-songwriter Chiara Christo, known for her music style that incorporates lush melodies and angelic tones. Her style reflects her love for Pop and RnB music. With lyrics derived from personal experiences, she conveys soul and meaning throughout her work.

Chiara Christo
Credit: Press

With her single Thinking Of Me, Chiara has created a track that captivates and inspires. She described the initial demo of the track as being more downbeat and melancholic. However, as she reworked the track she decided to give it a more vibrant and upbeat spin. The track explores themes of letting go and trying to move on, and all the doubts and self-questioning that come with that journey. 

Thinking Of Me starts with a downbeat soundscape of moody synths and Chiara’s ethereal vocals brimming with heartache. The track builds with thudding bass, creating a more upbeat tempo as she processes the pain. Her lyrics delve into her journey of healing from this heartache, intertwining moments of self-reflection with emotionally filled thoughts.

Chiara Christo
Credit: Press

Sending shivers running up and down your spine, Thinking Of Me is a track that hits you right in the chest, while also giving a sense of relief that we are not alone in trying to move on from a past love.

Chiara Christo knows how to captivate our attention and connect with us, with soothing tones and her stunning and candid lyricism that make you feel as if the track is made for you. 

You can now listen to Thinking Of Me below via Spotify.