Chicago rapper Noname launches online book club project

Chicago rapper Noname launches online book club project

For those of you who are equal part music lovers equal part book worms, make sure you read up on Noname’s book club.

The online initiative has been launched by the Chicago rapper, after teasing the idea a few weeks ago.

Noname book club

Chicago rapper Noname launches online book club, inspired by her mother’s bookstore, and shares first two titles for this month.

On July 14 she tweeted “Tryna see something: Reweet this if you would be a member of Noname’s Book Club.”

Evidently, the rapper’s twitter followers consist of plenty of literacy fans too. Yesterday, she launched the project and the book club website to go with it.

Starting off, the first two books will be Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed, and Samantha Irby’s essay collection We Are Never Meeting In Real Life.

And here are the book club rules: “we will post 2 books each month so people can chose between informative text and more creative work. You can read 2 books a month or just choose one.

She also added, “At the end of every month we’ll be taping a podcast to discuss the books!”

Inspiration for the project comes from her mother, who was apparently the first black woman in Chicago to own a bookstore. Additionally, she shares that her project aims to “highlight progressive work for writer of Color and writers within the LGBTQI community”.

You can also check out Noname’s latest music here.