Claire Knight's killer new single 'Scorpio Szn'

Claire Knight’s killer new single ‘Scorpio Szn’

DJ, vocalist and electronic music producer Claire Knight brings us her second single, Scorpio Szn, a gritty thumping percussion with grainy synths & bold vocals that is made for the dance floor.

With a little dose of Kruder & Dorfmeister and Basement Jax base, mixed with a distinctly resolute feminine punk pop touch, Scorpio Szn magnetically pulls you in and hits you in all the right places.

Drawing major inspiration from the golden era of 00s electro, Claire’s vocals are dripping with perfect pixelated sass. Constantly moving and morphing the bass rhythm is supported by a chic, house backbeat.

claire knight scorpio szn

Establishing her sound with the debut track Killin the Villain earlier this year, her new single  Scorpio Szn crystalizes her sound. With all the intensity, passion, and hot intimacy that the most fuck you up od Zodiac seasons induce, Claire crushes it with a cheeky and pulsing salute.

Mixed by Malcolm Besley of Northeast Party House, the indie dance vibes on Scorpio Szn are solid.  Stay tuned for the EP release coming from Claire Knight in the coming months but for now, watch where you tread, it’s Scorpio Szn.

Listen to Scorpio Szn:

Launch party at Sydney’s best-kept secret, Saferoom Sydney on release date (21st October).

Credit: Claire Knight – Scorpio Szn

Presave Scorpio Szn here. And stay tuned to Claire’s socials.


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