Could Metroid Prime Trilogy be coming to Nintendo Switch?

The Metroid Prime Trilogy—widely regarded as one of the best series in gaming history—looks like it could be headed for the Nintendo Switch. Currently, the only Metroid titles available on the console are Metroid and Super Metroid, so the excitement was palpable when the Prime Trilogy appeared (albeit briefly) on a Swedish game retailer’s website.

So could Nintendo’s flagship console be seeing a reboot of the classic before the release of the long-anticipated Prime 4Metroid Prime

The fabled Metroid Prime Trilogy appeared briefly on a Swedish game retailer’s website. It’s got the world wondering if the classic will be coming to Switch.

Number 4 in the series was announced at E3 way back in 2017 but with delays and a change of development team, this title’s future is uncertain. With the possibility of the Prime Trilogy reboot, however, things could be getting back on track for the iconic series.

The original Metroid Prime was released almost 20 years ago on the Nintendo Gamecube. Though the console’s fate was doomed by the all-conquering PS2, it was recognised as a breakthrough in adventure gaming: utilising 3D graphics and the first-person format.

We wait with bated breath for any confirmation. Until then keep an eye on the Nintendo website for any updates.