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Criminal records handed out for Field Day 2016 drug charges

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After 184 punters were charged by police for drug offences at this year’s Field Day, almost a dozen have now been given a criminal record for drug possession.

Drug Charges

The Sydney Morning Herald has reported that Magistrate John Favretto issued criminal records to 11 individuals who were arrested at the Sydney festival, which included first time offenders who were in possession of less than five pills.

The Magistrate, at Sydney’s Downing Court Centre, rejected leniency pleas from first time offenders, explaining “These offences are too serious as people keep dying. It’s got to stop.” The harsh outcomes come after the new years day festival saw the suspected drug overdose of a 23 year old woman, who was hospitalised as a result. The 23 year old was one of 212 people who were medically treated at the festival.

Drug incidents at Field Day, along with Stereosonic 2015 saw the NSW Government threaten to discontinue music festivals which don’t ensure stricter drug policies and standards.


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January 27, 2016