Infiltrator is the endlessly flexible new plugin from Devious Machines

The Infiltrator from Devious Machines is a mind-boggling plugin for slicing and dicing effects that will test the limits of your imagination.

Stacks of individual plugins often clutter the hard drives of musicians and producers, so it’s always refreshing to see an intuitive software that covers many bases in one, easy-to-navigate environment. Case in point, the Infiltrator from Devious Machines.

It’s a new multi-effects workstation that provides 28 effects algorithms with independent modulation and sequencing options. It gives you the power to create mind-bending effects chains that can be tailored to your music.

As a software effects processor, the Infiltrator provides you with a plethora of sound design options that can be accessed and used with up to ten effects at a time. With liquid analog filtering, this plugin also uses complex transformations to turn simple sounds into complex, unique tones.

Choose from 28 effects that include filters, distortion, pitch shifting, delay and reverb. You can generate random patterns, euclidean rhythms and pitch snapping with the envelope function and go wild with the sequencer to really make your effects come alive.

So are all these options intimidating? Potentially. But Devious Machines has already anticipated the potential for overwhelm, by including a gigantic library of 750 presets, so there are plenty of convenient launching points for creating your own sounds.

Check it out for yourself at Devious Machines.