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Dick Diver are a Melbourne quartet who, with a refreshing mix of female and male vocalists, have most recently released their second LP, Calender Days. Made up of members from other Melbourne acts including The UV Race, Boomgates, Lower Plenty, Total Control and Straightjacket Nation, these guys have a pretty cult following in ol’ Melbourne town.

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With only 18 months between them, it can be difficult to tell Dick Diver’s first album New Start Again and their second Calendar Days apart. Both records distil ordinary life into bright, dog-eared pop songs flecked with pathos and mild subversion. Both exist in those few years between adolescence and adulthood where the need to grow-up is tempered by youth tugging at your sleeve, willing you to go back to scrounging cigarettes and scrawling obscenities on park benches – Faster Louder

If you’re in Melbourne, you can catch these guys playing at Chapter Music‘s 21st birthday bash in November (they’ll take to the stage in a collabroative set with Twerps – sick!). All you other folks will just have to wait for their appearance at Laneway Festival this summer.




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October 8, 2013

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