DIIV- Oshin

No, it’s not what you’re thinking: DIIV actually isn’t a new Sydney producer with an aptly electronic sounding name. In fact, DIIV are a wildly indie American four-piece. The band released their debut album Oshin in 2012 and have been touring all over the place since then. They seem to be following in the footsteps or even alongside bands like Best Coast or Beach Fossils. In fact, DIIV’s bass also toured in Beach Fossils. Nice.

diiv band

Cruise along the beachy waters of California with some awesome indie rock tunes from DIIV.

They have an unusually Californian beach sound for a band from Brooklyn and are almost like an American version of Temples if Temples spent more time in the sun. Their entire album Oshin is characterised by an 80’s post-punk psychedelic sound. Of course, like most 80’s post punk bands their tracks are predicated by a reverberating bass and cruzy accompaniment on the drums.

Their lead Andrew Bailey does a great job of adding to that beautifully droll yet upbeat sound. DIIV celebrate the candid necessity of righteous indignation that was popular in the punk scene during the 80’s and is returning to popularity with Gen Yer’s now. <totezsarcasm> Who would’ve thunk that righteous indignation had a place with 90’s kids right? </totezsarcasm>

‘Oshin’ is the kind of album that you would want to put on repeat whilst on a great road trip and just reflect upon life. The best part about it though, is that it’s never jarring – you can listen to the whole thing back to front and be blissfully entertained the entire time and completely unaware that you’ve only been listening to one band.

They even make the, somewhat, brave move of including tracks with entirely instrumentals which is hard to make work in the modern age of attention-grabbing material. We here in Aus-land can only hope that the band can come visit soon and let us bop along to their chilled-out live set. If you have a predilection to generally liking ridiculously smooth rock, then you should probably get on their Soundcloud.



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